This is the Healthies Fruit in the World – It Kills Cancer Cells, Viruses and Delays the Aging Process

Aronia or aronia melanocarpa is also known as ‘black chokeberry’ and is considered by many to be the healthiest fruit in the world, offering more health benefits than any other superfood.

Aronia melanocarpa is one of the three species of berry-producing plants of the rosaceae family and is most commonly found in swamps and woodlands along the eastern seaboard of North America.  aronia is used for its many health benefits which is why it has been named a super fruit. The small dark purple fruit has made quite a name for itself in the health food world and has increased in popularity over the past decade.

Besides the delicious taste, aronia is a powerful detoxifier and can destroy cancer-causing compounds in the body as well. The fruit contains antioxidants that can protect the body from free radical damage and prevent numerous diseases. Studies have shown that it can fight liver, lung, breast and colon cancer, while also preventing the accumulation of heavy metals in the body.

Besides the rich vitamin B, C and E content, aronia contains flavonoids, minerals and folate as well as anthocyanins, which are responsible for the fruit’s anticancer properties. Aronia can also delay the aging process and strengthen the immune system. Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants that can defeat bacteria and viruses and reduce inflammation. Consuming the fruit regularly can reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while also improving the function of the thyroid.

And the health benefits of the fruit don’t stop there – aronia works great against most digestive problems such as stomachache, indigestion, diarrhea and mucosal inflammation. The fruit can relieve gallstone and support proper liver function. Aronia can promote weight loss as well, although we suggest consulting a doctor first before using it to lose weight or treat any ailment.

The best way to prepare aronia juice is through a juicer or foods processor. There’s no need to add anything to the juice, although some people dilute it with water. The juice should be consumed within 24 hours. You can freeze it just like the fruit, but remember – once thawed, aronia shouldn’t be frozen again.

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