This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating Garlic Every Day

Start Eating Garlic Every Day


The role of garlic and onion in cancer prevention was previously studied extensively in China. These studies have shown a great connection between cancer prevention and garlic.

In China, garlic consumption is much higher than in Western countries. For this reason, there were doubts about the effect of garlic in western countries. Based on the results of European research, it seems that garlic has similar anti-cancer effects on the population of the western countries.


Several studies showed that increased consumption of garlic reduces the likelihood of developing cancer. This is mostly efficient for stomach, lungs, pancreas, and bowel cancer. The longer is the consumption, the lower is the risk.


In another large study on female population in America, the results clearly showed that those who consumed sufficient amounts of garlic had a lower risk of colorectal cancer by 50%.

In addition, a study which has concentrated on prostate cancer yielded impressive results. The risk of men who consumed big quantities of garlic decreased by 50%.

Furthermore, those who were eating garlic in high quantities were 25% less likely to get bowel cancer compared to those who avoided garlic.

Lovers of garlic claim that garlic has similar effects in reducing the risk of infection. It is also known that the diet with various vegetables may have synergistic effects.

The protective effect of garlic according to the available data, appears to be exerted by several mechanisms:

  1. Garlic’s antibacterial properties.
  2. Inhibiting substances forming a cancer activity.
  3. Disabling substances with cancer activity.
  4. Increasing the repair of DNA damage of healthy cells.
  5. Reducing cancer cell proliferation rate.
  6. Induction of apoptosis (death) of cancer cells.

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