April 16 – April 22

The individuals are  born leaders naturally and their strong will and the tad bit domineering nature make them admirable. The dominant energy comes from Aries and the practical side comes from Taurus. Aritaurs are quite opinionated as well.


May 17 – May 23


“Taurinis” are stable and motivated in life, and when required, they are also clever and communicative. These traits make them adapt to different people and situations in life. Since both Taurus and Gemini love pleasure, Taurinis should refrain from overindulging in anything in life.


June 17 – June 23


“Gemancers” are people with an inquisitive mind and a sensitive heart. They are devoted and affectionate toward their loved ones. Their fun and flirtatious nature comes from Gemini and calm and thoughtful nature comes from Cancer. These are adventurous people, but always need someone to care for them.


July 17 – July 23


Cancer-Leo cuspers are loving people who are also very expressive and cheerful. However, their lives are full of ups and downs due to the sensitive nature of Cancer and the expressive drama of Leo. These people can be shy and sensitive at one moment and absolutely dramatic the next moment.


August 19 – August 25


Leo-Virgo cuspers are hardworking people who are honest and also, success-driven. However, the opposing elements of Leo’s flair for drama and Virgo’s down-to-earth nature do not mix well and these cuspers are either very introverted or extremely extroverted in nature. These people either gravitate more towards the traits of Leo or towards Virgo; it is hard for them to strike a balance between the two signs.


September 19 – September 25


Virgo-Libra cuspers are rational beings with creative and social attributes. They love beauty in everything and strive to keep their home and appearance aesthetically pleasing. However, they must refrain from becoming superficial and if this is achieved, they can come as deep-thinkers with sharp analytical skills who have strong work ethics.


October 19 – October 25


Libra-Scorpio cuspers are a sexy combination due to the intellect and flamboyance of Libra and the sexuality of Scorpio. These people have great judgment and precision. However, they could come off as arrogant or insisting , but if they learn to balance their intellectual side with their emotional side, their ego will be kept in check.


November 19 – November 23

“Scorsagiuns” are adventurous and energetic beings who are also powerful, accomplished, generous, and humorous people. If they learn how to channelize their energy towards productivity, they can be always successful in their endeavors. They only need to be a tad bit less complex in nature.


December 19 – December 23


“Sagicorns” are a mix of the optimistic Sagittarius and practical Capricorn who carry a happy-go-lucky attitude. They have realistic visions in life and are reliable and friendly people. The only challenge they face is to strike a balance between Sagittarius’s desire to go fast and Capricorn’s desire to be slow and steady in life. However, they are always prepared to do best in their endeavors.


January 16 – January 22


“Capriquarians” lead a life of struggle as they find it difficult to balance the quiet energy of Capricorn and social energy of Aquarius. These people love to chat with their friends and engage themselves in interesting conversations. They are also hardworking, loyal, funny, and friendly beings. However, due to their love for independence, they might find personal relationships challenging.


February 15 – February 21


“Aquisces” are very artistic, spiritual, and peace-loving people. They are also very intelligent, but they struggle with practical details in life. These people come off as eccentric beings as they love their lone time, are sensitive, and also, love to be enjoyable. They are intuitive due to the traits of Pisces and sociable because of the traits of Aquarius.


March 17 – March 23


“Pisaries” people are a combination of the fearlessness of Aries and compassion of Pisces. They love to generate new ideas and work hard to put them in effect. They have the natural ability to push their limits to become successful. However, they can be impatient and uncompromising in life. If they work on their social skills, they will be much likable.

Source: Curejoy