This is Why Acne Pops up on These Body Parts

view of a woman's back covered in acne


Here’s a helpful “zit cheat sheet” for you to reference below. If any of these ring true, it may be time to make some changes!

  1. Back

    Back acne, or ‘bacne’ as it is so affectionately called, is one of the most dreaded parts of swimsuit season.

    As with other parts of your body, acne that pops up on your back can come in many different forms, from small whiteheads to large cysts. These zits can appear for a variety of reasons, including using oil-based products – sunscreens are infamous for this! – to drug abuse to carrying backpacks or wearing tight clothing.

    To get rid of ‘bacne’ for good, focus on first changing your habits, then take a trip to your local drug store. Some sufferers report that products containing salicylic acid do a good job at taking care of the condition.

  2. Scalp

    scalp acne

    Experts believe that acne on the scalp is caused by either skin sensitivities from hair products, or even environmental conditions like hot weather. Dandruff affects the oil production in this part of the body, sometimes causing bumps to form.

    To get rid of them altogether, focus on using products that are labeled ‘non-comedogenic,’ and sticking with gentle, anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner.

  3. Butt

    Acne on the buttocks usually pops up during warm, humid months, and can be caused by moisture becoming trapped between tight layers of clothing. As with all forms of acne, the root cause could be using oil-based products or even your favorite laundry detergent  that contains allergens.

    The first recommended step is to wear looser-fitting underwear that is breathable; this should help create more air flow and reduce sweat.



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