This Is Why Your Zodiac Sign Is So Cool


They’re cool because: They’re ruthless, in a good way. Got a problem, they’ll tell you. That way the baggage is out the way and out comes the fun times.


They’re cool because: when you need a hangout partner, a taurus is always down. And their silly side comes out when you least expect it.



They’re cool because: when you’re all out of ideas…boom Gemini to the rescue. That have a spontaneous side too that isn’t afraid to get a little wild and crazy.



They’re cool because: they’re not overly intrusive and know how to go with the flow. When you need a “chill” person in your corner, get a Cancer.



They’re cool because: Having them around is a mixture of everything. There’s laughter, jokes, drama, sensitivity…all that, which calls for great memories.



They’re cool because: They know how to be real with you in a way that’s appreciated, not frowned upon. And honestly, they just have a certain swag about them.



They’re cool because: it doesn’t take long to feel like you’ve known them for forever. With their inviting and fun personality, they’re the ones you want to be around.



They’re cool because: they may come with a lot but they give a lot too. Scorpios are the ones most would say are unforgettable. They just have that affect on people.



They’re cool because: they let you know who they are from the gate. Whether you like it or not, that’s on you. That aside, when you need a good dose of fun, they got you.



They’re cool because: they know who they are so they don’t pretend to be this person or that. Oh, and they make you laugh without trying hard. #sarcasmfordays



They’re cool because: they march to the beat of their own drum. They don’t need your approval. And they know how to get you talking, thinking, pretty dope if you ask me…



They’re cool because: they have your back if you’re a genuine person. They won’t flip-flop because the next person is doing so. They have good taste in music, too.








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