This Olympic Proposal Story Will Warm Your Heart


The Olympics  always brings to light a ton of heartwarming stories about the athletes competing, but now, one of those stories played out on the actual competition field in Rio. Yes, it’s finally happened—an athlete got a marriage proposal in the middle of the Games.

olympics-proposal3.jpgHere’s what went down: Brazil’s women’s rugby team had just finished ninth in the rugby sevens event, which did not qualify the team to move the next round. All disappointment was forgotten, though, when one team member, Isadora Cerullo, was surprised by her girlfriend of two years, Olympic stadium manager Marjorie Enya. Enya grabbed a microphone and reportedly gave an emotional speech before popping the question to Cerullo, who said yes, and tying a ribbon ring around her finger.

olympics-proposal4.jpg“As soon as I knew she was in the squad I thought I have to make this special,” Enya told BBC Sport of her decision to propose at the Olympics. “I know rugby people are amazing and they would embrace it.”

The couple live in Sao Paolo, where Cerullo moved from the United States to focus her attention on making Brazil’s Olympic rugby team competitive. And though her squad won’t be advancing in Rio, we’re pretty sure this proposal still made for a memorable Olympic showing.

“The Olympic Games can look like closure but, for me, it’s starting a new life with someone,” Enya added. “I wanted to show people that love wins.”



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