This Powerful Tea Will Cure Swollen Legs In Just A Few Days

If you suffer from swellings in the legs, you  know that this condition can be very  unpleasant and impede your everyday activities.

Swellings of the legs can be a result of numerous factors, including weight gain, poor blood circulation, unhealthy diet, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy, hot weather, temperature changes, and humidity.


When your legs are swollen, it is recommended that you lie down and raise them up to about 30 cm height, to reduce the swelling.

In addition to elevating them , here’s another solution to this problem, and it is a completely natural tea made of parsley which will eliminate the excessive fluids from the body and thus will lower the swelling.

Parsley tea acts as a natural diuretic, and numerous studies have confirmed its beneficial effects on the general health and wellbeing.


For optimal results, you should consume the entire parsley, organic and raw, together with the seeds, roots, and leaves, which have amazing healing effects.

Here is how to prepare this tea:

Initially, boil 500ml of water in a pot. Then, chop the fresh parsley roots and leaves finely, and mix them. Add 5 tablespoons of this mixture in the pot and boil them for 5 minutes.

Afterward, leave the tea aside for 20 minutes to cool down, and then strain it.


Drink the parsley tea three times a day, and it will quickly solve the issue, as the swellings of the legs will disappear in a couple of days.

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