This Woman Made Breakfast for Their Children and Kills Them by a Mistake We All Make – Share This With Everyone You Know!


In various countries, including Mexico, moms like to make homecooked meals for their children. They don’t like eating cans or processed foods. But, sometimes, things don’t turn out that good, like for this Mexican mother we’re going to present you here.

Josefina is a mother of two children. She woke up early one day and decided to go and buy some food for breakfast in the local market. She decided to prepare a healthy breakfast for little Augustin (8) and Maria (6). She made them some egg and ham tortillas with fresh orange juice.

The children woke up and immediately went for a bath. Josephina was preparing the table, when her daughter, Maria, came down and said that Augustin is still in the bath. She called him and told him to stop playing in the bath and come down for breakfast. The little boy came down and then his sister went in the bathroom. Josefina was sending a text to her husband while her children were preparing. Then, they all had breakfast and went to school at 7:45. Josefina left the children and returned home. Two hours later, she received shocking news!

She got a text which said that her children are on the way to the hospital. She immediately froze and panicked – what happened? Everything was great a couple of hours before! She called her husband and they rushed to the hospital. Doctors told them that the children are in bad condition – they couldn’t control their fever which was probably caused by a bacterium known as salmonella. This type of bacterium is present in many foods, and was now destroying the children’s organs! Josefina was shocked – she couldn’t believe what was happening. She fainted and needed to be sedated, while her husband was praying to God for his family.

After some tests, the doctors concluded that the bacterium was in the breakfast Josefina prepared that morning. After talking to the doctors, they discovered that Josefina used her phone during the serving, which was probably the culprit. Our phones are coated in thousands of bacteria which can end up on our food and have fatal consequences!

This broke her soul – seeing your own children in such a bad condition is something no parent should experience. She was sitting near their bed and begging for forgiveness over and over again. At that moment, Maria’s hand opened and Josefina heard the flatline sound on the machine. Not a minute after, Agustin died as well. Josefina was crying and reaching out for her children, but they were gone. The doctors did anything they could, but they couldn’t save the children.

Now, Josefina is using her experience to warn everyone in the world – never use the phone while you’re preparing food. This can lead to infections that may have fatal consequences, as she learned not a long time ago.


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