This Young Woman Felt Something Moving in Her Mouth While Taking a Shower. When She Looked at Herself in The Mirror, She Was Horrified


This young woman felt something moving in her mouth while taking a shower. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she was horrified!
Talk about a creepy story! She’s a 24-year-old traveler from Edinburgh, Scotland who returned from Vietnam not knowing she brought something back with her.
Daniela Liverani only left with a backpack when she set out to travel around Southeast Asia. During her travels she had fallen off a motorbike, but wasn’t hurt. After the accident she started to get some nose bleeding, but didn’t think much of it, likely just an after effect from the fall she probably thought.

It wouldn’t be until arriving back to Scotland, when the nose bleeds would become more frequent, and quite worse. It got to the point where she could now feel that something was actually up her nose. Probably a blod clot, right? Wrong!

It would be one day while taking a shower that something sticky began touching her lip. She got out and took a look in the mirror. This is where the story gets super creepy!

A big veiny thing was sticking out from her nose! It was basically a gnarly looking creature of some sort!

Shocked, Daniela went to the hospital, where doctors were able to remove the creature. However, it put up a lot of resistance which made the process painful. The parasite was sucking blood from Daniela’s body, which may have had terrible consequences if not removed on time. The doctors think that it entered Daniela’s body through a water source, and had been living in her for weeks. At the moment of removal, the parasite was 3 inches long!
If not removed, the parasite could have gone to Daniela’s brain and start feeding on it, which can have fatal consequences. Daniela’s story sent shivers down the spine in thousands of people around the world. It’s impossible not to be a bit queasy about a creature that lives inside your body undetected and feeds on your blood and tissue. The parasite could have killed this girl, which is why you need to be extra careful when travelling around the world, as even microscopic creatures can be deadly.


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