Three Beauty Benefits Of Going Low-Carb

Usually, when diets low in carbohydrates are talked about the main goal and benefits discussed are those related to internal organs and weight. Too much in the way of sugar and carbohydrates from modern grains and legumes (beans, peanuts, lentils) plays havoc with blood sugar and health. That’s what happens on the inside.

Going low-carb, or in this writer’s case, lacto-paleo with fermented dairy only, actually yielded some much-loved beauty benefits on the outside. Without the simple carbs and trans fats that usually accompany them, this writer saw improvements in three areas ladies spend a fortune to enhance on an annual basis.


Granted, Mother Nature gifted this head with a lot of strong, full of body hair, but before ditching the grains, etc., what had been curly and lustrous twenty-five years ago was limp and flat. It took a product to really make any sort of a difference. Now, after being without all the carbs for years, following the hormone reset that occurred in the months immediately following the diet change, the bouncy, shiny locks are back.


Long and shaped nails are not for everyone. This is true. However, the condition of fingernails is a traditional way of determining the health of a patient. Making nails look good with manicure tools is a way around the mess that carbs make of cuticles, nail beds, and thinning of the nails themselves. After the change in diet, these hands don’t need the cuticles tended other than with creme from time to time. No pushing back or trimming. The nails are smooth and just need to be shaped.


This is a part of the grain free life that many people report, and this writer is no different. All that “chicken skin”, and rough bumps that we all try to loofah and scrub away? They are gone. The pores of the skin are barely visible, and it is smooth as the bottom of a baby. It really does happen.

The old saying “you are what you eat” is very true not just for what is on the inside of the body, but the outside as well. These are the beauty results this writer had going low-carb (Lacto-paleo and gluten free) for almost two years now following a relapse from a previous attempt. These results do not happen overnight and may not occur in the same way for everyone, but take out the simple carbs, stick to fresh fruits and vegetables with meat, fish, and healthy fats, and your body will thank you.

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