Tips For Reducing The Intake Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are contained in many of the food you eat every day, which may be the reason for preventing you to lose weight. The problem is that we use the refined ones instead of the healthy ones. Therefore, we recommend you to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and eliminate the intake of refined carbs in order to provide yourself with fantastic health benefits.

In this article we will give you some tips how to eat fewer carbohydrates.

Individuals who want to lose weight should know that reducing the carbohydrate intake to a minimum can be of a great help in weight loss process. Studies have confirmed that “carbohydrates are the reason you’re gaining weight”.

There are essentially two types of carbohydrates:

The simple ones, also called sugars.

The complex ones that include starch and fiber.

The problem with carbohydrates is that they are easily absorbed as they don’t contain fiber, throw your blood glucose levels off balance, and accumulate fat in your abdomen.

Here are some tips that can help you eating fewer carbohydrates

1. Give up sugary drinks

Sports drinks aren’t healthy at all as they contain high levels of corn syrup and of sugar.

This leads to both obesity and resistance to insulin. Believe it or not, the diet versions also have harmful ingredients.

Instead of these drinks, choose to drink natural juices or herbal teas.

2. Add more fruit and vegetables

Many people tend to eat cookies, bread, or chips because they have a craving but no appetite.

But this can be solved when you stop consuming certain “tempting“foods, and start consuming fruits and vegetables. For example, you can try a stalk of celery or a raw carrot to help cut your cravings.

3. Reduce the amount of bread you eat

It is recommended to reduce the amount of bread you eat as a loaf of bread contains high amounts of refined simple carbohydrates, which causes weight gain. Use whole grains instead though contain carbohydrates, but also contain high levels of fiber.

4. Buy food on a full stomach

Shopping after eating is recommended as it can take care of your body and wallet as well. When you are hungry your appetite will make you opt for processed, fatty, sugary foods that aren’t healthy.

5. Don’t be fooled by “light” foods

When going at the market you’ve probably noticed numerous products in packages or containers that say they are ’low in calories,’ but you should know that these foods aren’t healthy as they contain less protein, less salt and harmful preservatives.

6. Add more protein to your breakfast

eggs with bacon for breakfast

To increase your energy levels it is advisable to add more protein to your breakfast, for example, a boiled egg is an ideal to satisfy your appetite.

You will be able to feel the benefits over the course of the day!

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