Turn Potato Salad into Delicious Breakfast Potatoes

How to Turn Potato Salad into Delicious Breakfast Potatoes

If there’s one ingredient that makes any breakfast plate better, it’s crispy, golden potatoes. And we just discovered a way to make them out of…leftover potato salad. All you need is an old fashioned cast iron skillet and some heat.

How do I do it? Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and toss your potato salad into the pan. Cook it for about 30 minutes, shaking every ten minutes or so. Boom: breakfast potatoes!

But what about all that mayonnaise? Fun fact: Mayonnaise is mostly oil, so when it’s cooked, it just helps the potatoes turn a crispy shade of golden brown. (If your salad is really slathered in mayo, throw it into a strainer and give a quick rinse before roasting.)

So? Go ahead and order the full pound of potato salad the next time you’re at the deli counter.

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