Uh, Y’all, Skin Tight And Cellulite Don’t Go Together

Call this a mini rant and maybe a little bit of fat shaming, but some things need to be said about the current fashions of skin-tight leggings and jeans many larger women are sporting.

They aren’t for everyone, especially those who have acquired a bit of padding over the years, and, yes, this writer is one of them. (For the record, tight duds are not my thing. Just sayin’. My preference is clothes that can double as pajamas, but that is not for everyone.)

Recently, the trend of larger ladies going with the clothes that models and human stick figures can actually wear and retailers now carry in much larger sizes has resulted in a number of eyesores. Seeing certain bodies move in more ways than a body should or as a woman walks on a pool deck is one thing, but when at a cultural venue or at the store?

Ladies, specifically, take a good look in a mirror. When dressed in what amounts to ace bandages, do you really feel pretty?

This is not to say that every person out there who is carrying a little extra padding, or a lot more, is damaging their image, but as the spring continues, more and more we are all leaving the hibernation of winter and stretching our legs. That is a fabulous thing for all of us. Cottage cheese as viewed through skin-tight garments…not so much.

It is understandable that fat shaming is deeply wounding. Some of us had to deal with it before the phrase was minted in recent years. Honestly. At the same time, in order for individuals to really make a dent in weight issues, they have to commit to it. Doctors want most people to use their health as a reason. That’s fine, but not everyone will grab that with both hands and hang on. There are other motivators.

Really, how you want to look in skinny jeans and leggings might be the motivation for millions to change eating and exercise habits.

Doesn’t matter how it happens. A little cellulite goes a long way, and there’s a whole lot of women showing off more than the world wants to see.

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