Warm Hydrotherapy (Warm Water) Reduce The Stress, Calming The Pain, Treat Sciatic Nerve And Gallstones And Much More

The use of water for various treatments (hydrotherapy) is probably as old as mankind.

Hydrotherapy is one of the basic methods of treatment widely used in the system of natural medicine, which is also called as water therapy, aquatic therapy, pool therapy, and balneotherapy.
Use of water in various forms and in various temperatures can produce different effects on different system of the body.

Hydrotherapy is not new. Since ancient times they have been used in order to achieve the cure of different ailments.

Benefits of using hot water-warm hydrotherapy

Hot water can help:

1.It reduces the stress and stress caused by a life with many obligations.

2. Purify tissues. In other words, it “sweeps” pollutants and stimulates the work of the sweat glands to increase the elimination of waste.

3. Calming pain and discomfort Thanks to its relaxation effect, baths and showers with warm water promote a general well-being.

4. Help treat sciatic nerve pains and gallstones To do this, apply warm compresses to the area of the symptom.

Relieve stomach and intestinal inflammations and spasms:

Benefits of warm water jets:

They balance body temperature, as they stimulate the veins, capillaries and lymphatic vessels. Depending on the area and the way in which it is applied, its effect will be different.

Here are the most important ways:

-In the knee and thigh: relieve the bladder ailments.
-In the arms, chest and back: Help in cases of arthritis
-In the column, in ascending: they are beneficial to relieve muscular tensions and of lumbar vertebrae.

Popular remedies with warm water:

1.Remedy with warm water for menstrual pain Place a warm (previously twisted) cloth on the ovaries, which will reduce the pain.

2. Hot water remedy to combat insomnia Takes a tub bath containing warm water which will distend the muscles and have a sedative effect.

3. Remedy with hot water to counteract the respiratory congestion Boil a wide container with warm water and then when boiled, remove from the fire. Put a towel on the head as a store and at a safe distance breathe the water vapor which will serve to diminish the inflammatory processes and moisturize the mucous membranes.

4. Remedy with hot water for urinary tract infections: Apply a hot water bottle to the lower abdomen or even take a warm bath. Note: This remedy should not be used in the case of pregnant women, as it may cause birth defects or miscarriages.

5. Remedy with hot water for circulation: Place the feet, preferably at night, in a container with water that is hot (but not burning) were red pepper has dissolved.

6. Remedy with hot water for sleep apnea: Pour a couple of drops of lavender oil into the hot tub water. Then inhale the steam before bed. Perform this remedy for sleep apnea once a day at night.

7. Hot water remedy for flatulence : Cover the abdomen with a bag of hot water in order to relieve an attack of gas pain.

8. Remedy with hot water for rheumatism Boil 1 handful of birch leaves in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. After that time, cover and let it cool. Pour in a bathtub with hot (but tolerable) water. Take a bath for 15 minutes

9. Hot water remedy for ingrown or buried nail: Soak the affected finger with diluted in 1/2 cup hot water 5 drops of marigold tincture and then soak the affected finger in this preparation for 15-30 minutes. Finally, wrap the toe in a piece of linen cloth.

10. Hot Water Remedy for Knee Pain: Put a hot water bag on your knee after 48 hours of getting a heavy blow in that area.

Recommendations and Contraindications for warm hydrotherapy:

  • The water temperature should always be bearable: the water should be warm, but it should never burn the skin. If not, the positive effects of this warm hydrotherapy will cancel out and harm the body instead of healing it.
  • If the body is very cold, it is advisable to preheat it with warm water before applying the hot water, to avoid a temperature shock. This is essential in the case of “jets” on various parts of the body, in which, in addition, it must be inspired by the application and expire when it ends.
  • Exposure to hot water should not last longer than 15 minutes, in order not to irritate the skin or achieve negative effects on the body.
  • People with varicose veins or telangiectasias (commonly called spider mites ) should consult their physician before applying hydrotherapy in a therapeutic way.

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