Watch a strange ‘walking fish’ that has experts utterly stumped.

Emeric Benhalassa was on a night dive off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, when he saw something odd: a fish was “walking” across the floor of the ocean on a pair of “legs.”

Emeric, who is a French cook when he isn’t diving, thought it might be a stingfish, which is one of the most venomous species of fish.

Stingfish don’t actually have legs, but part of the genus’s pectoral fins have separated through evolution, since they use these fins to probe the seafloor mud for worms and crustaceans to hunt.

Scientists concur that the fish captured on video is likely part of the genus stingfish, or “Minous,” but disagree with one another on what the species could be.

It could be a striped stingfish, a whitetail goblinfish or an entirely new species together, they believe.

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