What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You

We all have our favorite color, but you should know that this tells a lot about your personality, so in order to find out more about you, read this article.

Here is a color test which you can use In order to discover more about yourself.

It’s very simple – just pick a color and see the results below.

White: Stands for purity. People who like the color white like cleanliness and simplicity, order and can not stand clutter. You like simple life and freshness.

Black: You are dignified and very proud of who you are, but you are not showy. Sensitive, you have hidden depth and mystery, might suppress personal feelings, after power.

Blue: The most spiritual color. You are sensitive, introverted and soft, caring for other people. Blue stands for wisdom and strong character that is not controlled by outside world.

Green: Stands for connection with mother Nature, connection with our hearts and caring for other people. Sincerity, renewal, peace, and growth.

Yellow: Those who love yellow color love to share things with other people and they always enjoy learning new things. Moreover, happiness comes easy to you, so you are a great company for other people and they consider you as a ray of light.

Grey: The color of stillness, you work too much without reward.work.Business oriented person, inner strength of steel.

Orange: Creativity, down to earth behavior, popularity, luxury seeking, restlessness, and fearlessness.

Brown: You are a stable person with strong character.Patience and stamina. Nurturing and solid foundation.Love responsibility.

Purple: Those who love purple color are unique and artistic souls, but they can also be quite arrogant. Nevertheless, they do respect other people.

Pink: If you love pink color, it means you are a nurturer, you always care about other people, you are warm, sensitive, soft and kind. Moreover, you are extremely romantic and you have idealistic standards. Your best feature is that you know how to deal with other people and comfort them in the best way.

Red: If you love red color, you are one of those people who live their lives to the fullest. Moreover, you are tenacious and determined, so you get what you want.

h/t: bodyhealthmag.com/what-does-your-favorite-color-say-about-you

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