10 Incredible Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is highly beneficial regarding health. It’s loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants that can go miles to improve your health. Studies indicate that coffee drinkers boast a much lower risk of different serious diseases.

Making and drinking coffee from best Keurig coffee maker on a daily basis provides more than just an early-morning pick-me-up. The latest wave of scientific studies brings with it an array of great news to coffee lovers.

The following are the top 10 health benefits of coffee to women based on studies:

#1: Energy

Caffeine provides folks with the instant spur they need to jump out of bed and begin the day. Unquestionably, the drink acts as an effective stimulant, which offers an instant source of energy. Therefore, the next time you order for coffee at your favorite joint or make yours at home, just know you’re pumping more energy into your body.

#2: Cancer

According to studies by the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research), coffee can guard against skin cancer. To be specific, the drink can be handy at preventing against basal cell carcinoma. The researchers established that women that took more coffee servings every day had lower chances of developing such kind of cancer. It’s highly important to note the fact that only the caffeinated kinds of coffee were effective at providing this amazing health benefit. The study also concluded that the beverage was great at lowering the risk of endometrial and breast cancers.

#3: Weight loss

Coffee is incredible at helping women shed weight because of the unroasted forms or been extracts of the drink. According to professionals at the American Chemical Society, the mentioned products can assist in weight loss especially when coupled with a healthy lifestyle and diet. The weight loss is highly attributed to the chlorogenic acid content in the extract.

#4: Memory

After conducting extensive research, researchers at the University of South Florida indicated that the beverage spurs the development of particular nerves in the body that mitigates any chances of Alzheimer’s. The studies discovered that the beverage reduced the formation of beta-amyloid in the brain, which happens to be the foundation of the disease. The researchers urged women aged 30 – 50 to moderately take the drink to cushion themselves against memory troubles.

#5: Depression

Reduction of depression certainly boasts as one of the most intuitive benefits of consuming coffee. Sipping a cup of the beverage can be magical at easing mental duress. Drinking coffee is natural at beating your blues. As per a case conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, women that drink coffee often seems to be less susceptible to depression. Again, it was caffeine that played the role.

#6: Heart Failure

This can be considered as coffee’s least considered benefit. Nonetheless, a deep analysis by scientists as BIDMC (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) established a link between moderate consumption of the brew with lower risks of heart disease. The effect was not evident in those that didn’t drink coffee. The trial found out a highly important aspect of the drink. According to the experts, coffee’s beneficial effects vanished completely in people that consumed five or more cups every day

#7: Diabetes and Blood Pressure

The beverage is highly effective at keeping blood pressure levels low. Coffee is great at restricting type 2 diabetes. Both of these conditions are solid indicators of a heart disease. Nevertheless, the chances are high that taking coffee in big amounts can bring result to the opposite effect.

#8: Liver Disease

National Cancer Institute scientists undertook a study, which discovered that hepatitis C patients on drugs usually responded better to medication of they, consumed three or more coffee servings every day. According to the researchers, that could subsequently bring down the risk of liver cancer.

#9: Longevity

Longevity can be regarded as another major health benefit of coffee to women. The National Cancer Institute conducted a study that established anyone that took the beverage was less likely to suffer from diseases such as injuries, diabetes, infections, and stroke. Nevertheless, the findings didn’t imply that drinking coffee alone could make folks to live such a long life. When deciding its protective effect, the type and amount of coffee taken coupled with its preparation play a big role in the same.

#10: Headache

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic discovered that caffeine could act as a ‘double-edged sword’ when it comes to headaches. The beverage could help to relieve pains that arise because of tension but might also result to rebound headaches too. The condition comes about when individuals that drink coffee frequently suddenly give up the habit.

Important Note

Before reaching out to take coffee, here are some important notes every woman should consider:

  • Drinking coffee in excess might lead to tooth decay
  • Drinking the beverage in uncontrolled amounts can cause dehydration and constipation
  • The suggested drinking cups of coffee is 4 – 5 daily
  • Expectant women should consult their doctors before taking coffee


It’s quite clear that you can enjoy countless health benefits from coffee. The scientific research backing the above benefits is so robust that the entire medical community is shifting its tune. The above are some of the ways women can improve their health by taking coffee.

Written by Rober Green from Green House Center, where offers help, information, advice and tips to make your house green.

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