Aries: He Falls For Your Courage

Aries, you are one ballsy woman! You’ve got more courage and bravery in your little finger than most people have in their whole body. And it’s that spontaneous and adventurous spirit that draws guys in. Who wouldn’t be attracted to the woman who is always energetic and excited for what life brings? You’ve also got a super fiery personality and you’re not afraid to challenge a guy. A game of darts to see who is paying for drinks? Game on! And even if you get a little competitive or aggressive, it’s okay. A guy won’t be able to get you off of his mind for days after that. You live your life fearlessly and that leaves a big impact. Both men and women are drawn to your impulsive and optimistic personality. So the next time you’re about to do something daring like bungee jump or skydive, turn around and see which cute guy can’t stop watching you live your best life.

Taurus: He Loves Your Independence

As a Taurus, you know how to take care of yourself. You’re self-sufficient and completely independent. You don’t need no man! But sometimes, you want a man. And the right man for you is one who will respect your independence. He is completely in love with the fact that you can hold your own and have your own life. Just don’t forget about him while you’re busy doing you! Another thing he loves about you? Your dependability. Because you’re so used to taking care of business, the people in your life know they can depend on you. Men love that you are stable and consistent. They are attracted to your routine. With you, there is no extra drama or surprises because you’re rock solid. You offer a healthy long term relationship to your future partner.

Gemini: Your Adaptability Draws Him In

Geminis are known for their duality – you have two sides to you. And while that might make it harder for you to make decisions, it also makes you super adaptable. You’re able to change to fit any situation because you can see both sides of the coin. You’re smart and you’re able to use your brain to figure out the best path. You adapt to new situations with ease and that’s what men love about you! You fit in seamlessly no matter the situation. You’ll be at home meeting the parents, hanging out with the guys after work, and doing Sunday brunch with the girls. Men love this about you! Another thing men love about you? Your flirty nature, of course! You’re a great flirt and that’s definitely how you will draw men in.

Cancer: He Loves Your Loyalty

Cancer girls are known for their huge hearts and unwavering loyalty. A man would never have to worry about you being unfaithful because you are loyal to a fault. You will always stick by his side and put your relationship first. You’ve always got your man on your mind, which he is going to find super flattering. Men love that security that they find with you and the fact that you live your life with such an open heart. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, Cancer! You’re someone who is full of sympathy, sensitivity, and emotions. You make people feel loved. And your perfect man is going to love that about you. Just make sure he doesn’t take advantage of your sweet nature. Being loyal is great as long as you are loyal to someone who is treating you right.

Leo: Confidence Is Your Key To His Heart

Leo, for you it is all about confidence! You exude confidence in everything you do and it pulls men in. Men love a confident woman! You are sure in yourself and you don’t look to anyone else for approval. That attitude is what is drawing guys in. As the lioness of the zodiac, you have the fierce regal attitude that fits the queen of the jungle. You own every single room you walk into. And as soon as you walk in, guys can’t stop staring at you. More than just confidence, you also bring a sense of strength. You have strong opinions, strong feelings, and strong beliefs. You’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in and speak your mind. And you’re able to do that while still remaining kind and positive. You’re the total package! What’s a guy have not to love about you?

Virgo: He Falls For Your Practical Side

Sure, it might not sound that sexy but practicality is a huge turn on for men when it comes to Virgo ladies. You are the perfect balance for someone who is more enthusiastic and spontaneous. They love that you offer that sensible attitude that they need to keep them on track. Some people may see you as boring or conservative but the right man will love that reserved part of you. You are conscientious and polite – you’re the ideal girl to bring home to meet mom and dad! When it comes to practical matters like finances or planning, your partner will lean on you. They know you have a keen mind and love for wisdom that is super attractive. So don’t go trying to be loud or bold like some of the other zodiac signs. Just be your loyal, wise, polite and practical self. The right man is going to be so into that!

Libra: He Loves Your Artistic Side

Libra, you have such a unique way of looking at the world and that’s all thanks to your artistic brain and flair for creativity. And lucky for you, that’s exactly what men love most about you! Sometimes your artsy side makes you appear a little crazy. But that’s okay because men are crazy for you! You keep guys on their toes with your wacky side and charismatic personality. You see beauty in a way that no other signs can. You’re super creative and could draw men in with your penchant for the arts. You’re the type to spend your Saturday yarn-bombing around town, dropping in on a pottery class or trying out an open mic. You’re also super social and love surrounding yourself with friends. So next time you’re out with your group, see if you notice anyone who might be interested in more than just friendship with you.

Scorpio: Men Love Your Passion

Scorpio, you are the fiery, sexy, and sassy side of the zodiac. Of course, men love your sexiness but it’s more than that. It’s your inner passion that shines through in everything you do. And it’s that passion that draws men to you. While some might see your level of passion as too intense, you know that it is that passion that has gotten you all of your success in life. You use your imagination and emotions in everything you do. And that makes the men just adore you. They can’t get you off of their minds! And, of course, your seductress skills don’t hurt. Being sexy comes naturally to you. You don’t even realize you’re being sexy, which makes you all the more alluring and attractive. Combine that sexy appeal with your passionate attitude and the men will come running.

Sagittarius: Your Adventurous Side Draws Him In

Sag, you are an adventurer through and through. You’re not one to get tied down and are always on an adventure or planning your next adventure. You love to travel, see new sights, and have a lot of fun. You don’t have time to wait for a man. He’s got to keep up or get out of your way! And it’s exactly that adventurous spirit that attracts men to you. They see your zest for life and want to experience everything the world has to offer with you. It also helps that you are an extremely generous and authentic person. Guys know they are getting the real deal with you. You have a pure heart and you’re open to the challenges and adventures of love. You just need someone by your side who is also up for that adventure.

Capricorn: He Loves Your Commitment

Commitment. For some men, that word sends them running for the hills. They just don’t want to be tied down and monogamous with you or anything else in their life. But those aren’t the boys we want to attract. Real men who are interested in something serious are going to love your level of commitment. When they are with you, they know that you are in it for the long haul and that you are giving 100% of yourself to the relationship. You’re not going to break his heart or get bored because you’re ready for something real and long lasting. To some, you come off a little cold but really, you’re just reserved and disciplined. It takes time for men to get to know you and to crack through your stern exterior. But once they do, they’re able to appreciate your cunning, steady, and responsible attitude. You make a wonderful girlfriend because you have a good head on your shoulders and you’re ready to work on a relationship.

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