What Your Blood Pressure Should Be , According To Your Age

First of All, What Is Blood Pressure?

In simple terms, the pressure that is caused when blood pushes against the walls of our blood vessels is called blood pressure. During medical check-ups, blood pressure is always mentioned as a part of the routine to determine the elasticity of the walls of our arteries and to find out if we are at the risk of any stroke or a heart attack.

High blood pressure can result in certain health risks such as hypertension, heart attack, heart stroke and failure, peripheral artery disease, kidney disease, etc. These risks make it dangerous if our blood pressure is not controlled well. Low blood pressure is also risky and life-threatening. Low blood pressure may cause a person to faint and the salt levels go low during such conditions.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is caused by numerous reasons. A person who is overweight has high risk of suffering from high blood pressure. It can also be caused by unhealthy diets that don’t include fruits and vegetables, consumption of alcohol, eating too much salt and lack of adequate exercise. The risks of high blood pressure increases with increase in age. A family history with high blood pressure and certain ethnic origins can also present themselves as high-risk factors for high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure According To Age

The levels differ for each gender and the age and gender should never be the only criteria to determine your blood pressure. It is always recommended that you seek help from a medical professional to learn what your blood pressure level should be. Here is a list that provides a rough idea of what our blood pressure levels should be based on our age and gender.

In men, the blood pressure level is considered normal if the levels are roughly around those numbers that are predicted below.

Upto 20 years: 123/76
20-30 years: 126/79
30-40 years: 129/81
40-50 years: 135/83
50-60 years: 142/85
Over 70 years: 142/80

In women, the blood pressure levels vary from men due to their physical differences.

Upto 20 years: 116/72
20-30 years: 120/75
30-40 years: 137/84
40-50 years: 137/84
50-60 years: 144/85
Over 70 years: 159/85

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  • August 12, 2017 at 8:26 am

    According to Dr. Peter Glidden, a Naturepath doctor, The #1 reason for high blood pressure is a lack of the mineral Magnesium and Calcium. See his video on Youtube.

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