Why Drinking A Cup Of Coffee Should Be Your Everyday Habit—Read These 7 Facts About Coffee

Coffee is not the healthiest beverage of all, according to many studies. But did you know that Beethoven used 60 coffee beans to prepare his daily elixir, while Voltaire consumed more than 50 cups a day and died at the age of 83, so coffee cannot be all that harmful?

In this article we offer you top 7 reasons why you should enjoy a cup of coffee everyday with no worries on your mind. Moreover, you would definitely want to try this amazing ice-coffee recipe that will make your summer days awesome.

Take a look:

  • Coffee stimulates the brain performance

If you are among those people who find it difficult to concentrate, then you should immediately grab yourself a cup of coffee combined with a little sugar that will boost your energy and you will work faster, more accurate and on point.
Note: It is strongly recommended to eat your breakfast before having your coffee to prevent side effects.

  • Coffee elevates the blood pressure

If you are having issues with hypotension, a few coffee sips will be of a great help. But if you are a tachycardia sufferer you are not allowed to drink coffee.

  • Coffee strengthens the immunity

According to many foreign experts, coffee has the ability to stimulate the immune system, by increasing its endurance and health and therefore it can reduce the possibility for premature death. Coffee can protect the liver, heart, and digestive system at the same time, as well. When preparing coffee, make sure you use freshly ground coffee, instead of instant coffees that offer fewer nutrients and can harm the digestive tract.

  • Coffee treats headaches

Thanks to its high caffeine content, coffee helps in treating both headaches and migraines. Despite not having have the full painkillers’ effect, it gives a mild relief without stuffing the organism with chemicals.

  • Coffee reduces stress and depression

Coffee can act as a natural anti-stress agent, while stimulating the release of dopamine and serotonin, the main components for a good mood. Even the simple coffee aroma can provide a relaxation to mind and nerve, while drinking it only increases that satisfaction.
Caffeine has a positive effect to the brain due to its ability to reduce depressive sensations at the same time. The most interesting fact is that only caffeine found in coffee can have such affect to the body, unlike caffeine found in other products like tea, soda, or chocolate, which do not stimulate the CNS as effectively.

  • Coffee ameliorates the memory

Coffee is rich in numerous stimulators and neuromediators that enhance the mood but also boost the memory. This is especially good for people who suffer from short-term memory loss.

  • Coffee encourages weight loss

Drinking a cup or two of coffee can be very beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight, as well as to accelerate the weight loss process by increasing the leptin levels in the organism. If you have low leptin level, the body accumulates fats for‘unfortunate days’ and thus, makes you gain more weight.


Make yourself your favorite coffee, and let it cool off. Fill an ice cube tray, add coffee to it and place in the freezer. You can also add coffee cubes to your milk on daily basis.
Let’s have some coffee fun!

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