Why You Should Listen To Music While Doing Household Chores

The word “chore” is one that really dredges up images of drudgery and to an extent enslavement. It implies that the tasks that need to be done around the house – scrub the bathroom, sweep the floors, conquer the cobwebs in the corners – are, well, boring.

Okay, let’s admit it, they are, but still maintaining a household is a lot of work and not all of it is pleasant. That means that for some people associating something pleasant with the tasks (aside from a clean house, of course) needs to be added to the mix.

Enter music

The music itself can be any sort, but something upbeat is helpful for staying on task. When these hands are in vinegar water wiping up hardwood floors, a favorite new age artist is blaring from the computer. The beat of the music keeps this writer going. Plus, it’s one of the few times that there are enough consecutive minutes to enjoy multiple songs in succession.

There are those who might like to clean to some of the more rambunctious movie music and opera overtures out there. A lot of those compositions have driving beats that are dangerous to hear while driving a car, to be honest. They can definitely keep one on task while dusting, and much of it is available for free on various computer apps.

Anything that inspires dance is a good choice. Basically, the body wants to move to the music. Why not do that while passing the vacuum.

Music engages the brain and the body in ways that almost no other artistic medium can. It can fill silence when it becomes deafening. And it can be more than a little help in keeping one on task when doing really unpleasant and mundane work, like cleaning the house. Why not enjoy it while doing some of the nastiest jobs that no one really wants to do.

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