Wi-Fi Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly! Be Careful

Modern society and the huge development of technology has put as in a constant threat. The truth is that we ignore this fact because we have very little or no knowledge about the side effects of our use of modern devices.

Namely, the Wi-Fi network is everywhere around us. Undoubtedly, it is really a revolutionary way of connecting many devices without using any cables.
However, mobile phones are the ones who have the biggest benefit from these connections, but the companies that produce them have specific instructions for the services on how to make them not harmful to our health.

Namely, wireless devices that we use, like tablets, laptops and phones, need routers in order to connect online. These routers emit electromagnetic waves, or better known as WLAN signals, that can be very harmful to our health. But it is a fact – these signals harm the body.

The exposure to Wi- Fi signals and electromagnetic waves has several harmful consequences, including:

Ear pains
Insufficient focus on tasks
Frequent headaches
Extreme Fatigue or tireness

As technology is essential nowadays, it would be best to conduct these prevention tips:
Turn off the Wi-Fi whenever it is not in use.
Make sure the router is not in the bed room or kitchen.
Disconnect Wi-fi from your device before sleeping.
Use cable and wires as much as possible.
It is important to remember, however, that these have no scientific basis and no research has been done to support these claims.

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