WWII vet reunited with dog tags lost on Italian beach more than 70 years ago (VIDEO)

A World War II veteran was reunited with a special piece of history he dropped on an Italian beach over 70 years ago.

On America’s 240th birthday, a small town celebration has a big meaning for one of the nation’s oldest veterans.

Bennie Howard Jr., 92, thought he would never live to see the day he’d hold his dog tags in his hand again.

Dropped on a beach near Florence, Italy when he was 19 years old, Howard said he thought the tag was gone forever, until a metal detector, a man from Italy, and Facebook reunited them.

“I was surprised because after the time span, it’s almost something impossible,” Howard said.

Jury Galli, an Italian citizen, was searching for buried treasure on an Italian beach last year when he found Howard’s missing dog tag.

Galli contacted the Town of Wendell and Facebook – and the rest is history.


Galli doesn’t speak much English, but he said he knew mailing the dog tags wouldn’t be enough.

He paid for a trip to the United States so he could hand deliver them to Howard.

“It’s a beautiful moment for me. I remember, all my life, this moment,” Galli said.

The Town of Wendell honored the two during their Fourth of July parade.

Howard, who is always full of patriotic pride, said the small piece of metal gives this year’s holiday an even bigger meaning. He said he appreciates his hometown joining in the celebration.


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