You Can Lose 14 Pounds in a Year by Swapping Out This Beverage

In a new study published by Consumer Reports this week regarding the taxation of sugary beverages, researchers compiled data to show what your soda habit is doing to your waistline.

We all know by now that soda’s do  nothing good to our bodies. Despite the general knowledge that these beverages are unhealthy, 7 percent of Americans’ calorie intake is comprised of—you guessed it—sugary drinks.


Now for the numbers: According to the report, which calculated swapping one 20-ounce soda with another beverage for an entire year, switching the soda for Gatorade or two-percent milk equated to about six pounds lost. If the cola was exchanged for Honest Tea lemon tea or iced coffee with whole milk and sugar, that’s a remarkable nine pounds in potential weight loss. Finally, if you kick your sugar habit completely and trade in soda for good, old-fashioned water, you can lose up to 14 pounds. That’s more than 52 pounds of sugar kept out of your body every year, the research states.



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