You Will No Longer Need To Buy Avocados, You Can Grow An Avocado Tree In A Small Pot At Home

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The most delicious fruits, avocados are extremely popular in the last few years and are used in various recipes.
Apart from being delicious, avocados are considered as highly beneficial and incredibly healthy thanks to their rich content of fiber, healthy fats, potassium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin E.

Being absolute hit in the last few years, the price for these fruits increased to more than 25% in the last year. However, you can still enjoy these amazing fruits and some money at the same time if you use the alternative we offer you in this article.
In other words, you can grow organic avocados at your home simply and easy.
You will be surprised to find out that you can grow your avocado tree from a seed.

These are the steps:

• Clean the seed well, and stick 4 toothpicks into it at identical distances. Then soak it in a glass of water (in an inch of water).
• Make sure you place the glass in a warm place, but do not expose it to a direct sunlight, until the stem has grown to six inches and the roots are able to be seen, which will take for about 2-6 weeks.
• Cut the stem back to 3 inches, and wait until it grows again and more leaves emerge.
• Take a large pot (about 10 inches in diameter) with a small hole in the bottom for drainage. Fill the pot with nutrient-rich soil. Make a small hole in the top of compost and put the seed inside, but not too deep.
• You should place the pot into a sunny area and water it every day. If the leaves of the tree aren’t properly hydrated they will soon become dry and then you should put in the sink, turn the tap on and let the water run through the soil for a few minutes.
• But if you overwater the leaves will become yellow and droop, so don’t water it for a few days.
• If you provide a proper care of the tree, it will flourish, but it may take few years until it starts to bear fruit. However, when this happens, you will be able to enjoy these delicious and nourishing fruits every day, for free!

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