Your Clothes Will Never Be So White and Smell Fresh Until You Use 2 Drops of This Mixture


Spoiling red wine on your clothes is a nightmare. It can ruin your day. Also, these stains are very hard to be removed even if you use expensive products. A lot of chemical detergents exist for removing stains, but they might not be as effective as we thought.
However, we have a few simple tricks which will help you clean the stains easily, making your clothes clean again. The following tricks have been tested for many times and performed amazingly well. When you try them, you will never have to worry about any stain on your clothes.

Baking soda

Soak your stained clothes in a mixture of 4 l. of water and a cup of baking soda, and you will notice how it restores the garment’s natural color in just a few minutes.

Vinegar and lemon

This is another great mixture for clothing stains – just mix some lemon and vinegar with your favorite detergent and wash your clothes as usual. Although the mixture smells a bit strong, it will quickly eliminate the stains.


Crush 6 aspirin pills and add them to a bowl of water, then soak your stained clothes in the mixture for 30 minutes. Wash them as usual in the end and the stain should be gone.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is an effective natural bleacher which will whiten your clothes in no time. Add a cup of lemon juice in your washing machine along with the detergent, then wash your clothes and let them dry in the sun – they should be whiter than ever!

So, the next time you spill wine on your favorite shirt, don’t throw it away. Try any of these amazing tricks and your clothes will be pearly white again!

h/t: dailymail


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