Your Saran Wrap isn’t clingy anymore. Here’s why.

One thought on “Your Saran Wrap isn’t clingy anymore. Here’s why.

  • July 31, 2017 at 6:30 am

    >>>>>Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began worrying about the effects of PVDC on our planet. When PVDC is burned, which often happens when trash is incinerated, it releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.<<<<<<

    Just one of things that gets taken away by government especially UN-elected officials. People who swoon over people pushing the global warming now called climate change agenda have no clue as to what the end result will be. They will take viturally everything away. Thinks like air conditioning and heat, electricity because there is no clean way to massively produce it. Virtually anything you use now. It doesn't matter what I believe. It's what they say in their writings, statements and the rest. We will revert back to cavemen. lol Except we won't be allowed to discover FIRE, it causes smoke which will raise the global temperature. I believe it was Carl Sagan back in the 1970's said that whatever the industrial revolution and up to present day "pollution" was a minuscule amount. He said the earth was huge and it repairs itself. The way to control the people of the world is to put them back thousands and millions of years. I just keep asking, is all of this fact or fiction? Every time they come up with numbers some scientists catch them leaving off lower temperatures to make the average temperature higher than it really is. When people want to take away most of your life, you better be damn sure it's on the up and up?

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