You’ve Been Using Ketchup Cups Wrong This Whole Time. Here’s the Right Way to Use Them

If you’re a dipping sauce person then you’ve seen these and have been probably been using them for years. But you’ve probably been using those condiment cups completely wrong. Those pleated tiny white paper cups at fast food joints used to pump ketchup into actually have a very good reason for having pleats in them.

We know this now thanks to the “Crazy Russian Hacker.” His YouTube video on how to properly use condiment cups has been viewed more than 13 million times. The folds in those little cups are there so the cup can expand and hold more sauce.

If you pull the pleats apart the cup gets bigger and can hold twice the amount of condiments, yet stays sturdy enough to get the job done. It’s best to pull out every other pleat instead of every single one. The larger surface area also gives you more space to dip, so you can get a chicken nugget up in there rather than just a fry.


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