Zodiac Signs Ranked From Angels To Devils

Each zodiac sign is paired with a spiritual being. Based on your zodiac sign, find out whether you are an angel or a devil.


You are a true angel. God made you incapable of doing a sin. You are so pure that even God says: “OK, I get it—you’re good—but maybe take it down a notch because you make everyone else feel guilty.”


You are a very good and forgiving person with a big heart. You are always willing to help others. The only negative side of your personality is that you are too nice for your own good, and that can be dangerous in this world filled with devils.


You are highly independent person. You are very kind, caring and emotional and have a tendency to get angry when others don’t return your kindness and generosity.


You walk through the life with a big smile on your face. You are loving person who enjoys being around people and making them laugh. You only get mad when others lie, because you value the truth the most. Your anger only lasts for a moment, and then you let it go.



You are an honest and loving person who always loves to help others and bring them joy. Your strong sex drive is your only flaw, which often causes you to make wrong decisions.


You are ranked in the middle, because you have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.  Your behavior mostly depends on your mood. You are like night and day, good and evil, summer and winter.


You are majestic, gentle and noble until you get mad. When you get on the bad side, you flash your fearsome teeth. You like doing good things until someone crosses you—then you make sure they regret it forever.


You honestly wish to be a good person, but there are many obstacles and temptations on the way. A typical day for you involves taking your niece to school, yoga class, a visit to your aunt in the hospital, and then a four-hour hookup with that hot guy from Tinder.


You are warm, funny and very generous person. But, if someone tries to make a fool of you, then you can get on your bad side very quickly, and make that person regret for the rest of his/her life.


You have a lot of sins, whether it is gambling, swindling, backstabbing, lying, sex, or drinking.  You manage to cover them well though! But, you have a great sense of humor—you like to make people laugh before becoming cruel to them.


You are the reincarnation of the Devil! You are simply not interested in doing good things. You’ll do evil until you’re caught, and then you’ll pretend to be sorry.


You are a true devil! There are seven levels of hell, but you have a plush condo tucked beneath all of them. As for your physical appearance, you are so sexy that you bring everyone to their knees!

Source: Thought Catalog 

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