10 Amazing Foods To Keep Your Eyesight Healthy

Vision is the most vital human sense helping see the objects surrounding us, see the shape, distance, position, size and color around us and therefore it is of crucial importance to keep your eyesight healthy. However, this extraordinary sense and our ability to capture visual information can be easily damaged because of numerous factors like age or other external factors.

Regular consumption of these foods can significantly improve our visual health and protect our eyes from damage and disease that can endanger your eyesight.

1. Eggs and eyesight
Eggs are rich in zinc and omega 3 and therefore are considered the best foods for eye health.
These nutrients can prevent vision problems, such as:
• Myopia (nearsightedness)
• Presbyopia
• Astigmatism
Also, you can prepared eggs in different ways. For example, you can use them to make omelettes, fried eggs, batter and desserts, etc.

2. Fish
Just as eggs, fish is packed with fatty acids such as omega 3, a nutrient that:
• Protects the eye from muscular degeneration.
• Hydrates the eyeballs and prevents injuries from dryness.
• Also, omega 3 protects other organs in the body such as your brain and heart.

3. Berries
Berries, such as raspberries, cherries and cranberries, are ideal for maintaining and repairing the retina, and improving your ability to adjust and capture light by providing our bodies with anthocyanins, molecules that improve blood flow to our eyes.

4. Figs
Thanks to their richness in zinc figs can help strengthen your vision.

5. Vegetables
Vegetables should be regularly consumed because they are extremely healthy and provide our body with numerous vitamins. Vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins A and B, essential for maintaining healthy eyesight as they protect us from eye damage.

6. Nuts
Nuts are known for their excellent source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining our bodies healthy.
Thanks to their rich vitamin B content, they can significantly enhance our vision by strengthening your eye muscles and preventing muscle degeneration around the eye.

7. Dairy
Milk products such as cheese, cottage cheese, curd and yogurt are loaded with essential nutrients that our body needs, such as vitamin A, which is an essential vitamin for eye health.

8. Carrots and eyesight
Carrots are considered the best foods for improving vision and keeping your eyesight healthy due to their richness in A vitamin A, which when consumed regularly helps us to see in the dark.

9. Citric fruits
Citric fruits contain high levels of vitamin C which helps protect and regenerate the collagen inside the muscles which surround our eyes.
Vitamin C stimulates the absorption of nutrients and vitamins provided by other foods that are essential for healthy eyes.

10. Grains
Finally, grains are a extremely healthy, nutritious food that provide us with:
1. Vitamin B12
2. Folic acid
3. Fiber.
These nutrients are extremely efficient in preventing sight loss and eye diseases.

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