Are you a diabetic? Find out in less than 1 minute!




five fingers

The following steps are a brief guide to help you diagnose diabetes in less than 1 minute with the help of fingers.

Hold one finger in the case that you are a man and do not hold any finger if you are a woman.

Hold one finger in the case that you are over forty, two fingers over fifty, three fingers over sixty and no finger if you are under 40 years old.

 Hold one finger if you think that you are not physically active, and none in case you think that you are not active enough.

Hold one finger in the case that someone in your family has diabetes and do not hold in case no one has these problems.

Hold one finger, if you have hypertension and no if your blood pressure is stable and normal.

Hold three fingers in case you are overweight, two fingers in case you have excess kilograms, one finger if you only have a little excess weight and nothing in the case that you have normal body weight.

If you hold all five fingers, then there is a good chance that you have diabetes. This type of diagnosis is used in determining the risk factors. Most experts consider that this is a good way to estimate.



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