New Book Explains The Life Changing Pitfalls Of Too Much Social Media

Ever since the world was introduced to Facebook, Twitter, and all the other platforms where people can and do share the intimate details of their lives with the world, users have been fighting the allure. Some walk away, some limit their time, but for most users out there, the temptation is just too much.

Social media is ruling lives, and one psychologist published a book on why this happens and what to do about the changes that manifest from too much time online.

Dr Tim Bono author of the new book When Likes Aren’t Enough tells us that like gambling, social media is addictive. The same psychological triggers are pushed as when a person sitting at a slot machine just keeps pumping money into it hoping for a big payout.

It’s pleasant to scroll through page after page of our friends and acquaintances‘ experiences. However, when we do, we see what they are doing and sometimes wish we could do the same. That reaction is called social comparison and in relationships, it is very destructive as envy comes into play.

Our attention spans are shrinking the more we get the instant gratification of updates from social media. The information coming in is tempting as it is usually always new and entertaining to the user.

Personal contacts and interactions are suffering. We’ve all experienced it. We go out with friends or family and every person at the table has their phone out scrolling through news feeds rather than talking to the people they are out with. The whole idea of putting all mobile devices in a stack and the first one who reaches for theirs pays was meant as a joke, but in many ways, this would go a long way to getting people talking again.

And, one of the biggest threats from social media is the sleep we are all lacking from wanting just one last look, and one final scroll through before heading to bed. We have enough keeping us up at night. Social media doesn’t need to be another thing.

The book tells a lot more about the dangers of too much social media. It also gives remedies to the problem. All it takes is a little willpower and social media addiction can be beaten.







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