Stress Relief: How To Make It A Part Of Life

If modern life is famous for nothing else, it is the amount of stress put on most people as we try to navigate through it. For the vast majority of people, just quitting a job, or leaving a family behind is NOT an option when things get overwhelming. There are ways to cope, though, without shelling out the cash to lie on a psychiatrist’s couch and have them tell you what they are hearing. It is a matter of adjusting a few things in the everyday routine, not tossing cash at a problem and expecting it to disappear.

The first trick is to take some time daily to let things slip away. This can be done in silence, listening to the sounds of nature, especially water, soft music – anything that can put some calm in the soul. Many people choose prayer and/or meditation for this purpose. The trick is to carve some time out for this every day.

Second, one of the body’s ways of combating pain and stress is through the production of endorphins. Endorphins flood the body during exercise. Walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, cycling, anything that gets a body moving will generate endorphins and assist in stress melting. Exercise does not have to be competitive or high-impact to be effective for stress relief, but it does have to be regular. Plus, there are many health advantages to regular exercise that also have an impact on lessening stress.

Another sense that can be utilized to help relieve stress is smell. Over the centuries, the scents of lavender, mint, rosemary and other herbs and spices have been used to relieve stress and revive spirits. Candles, soaps, salt scrubs, and more are readily available to be used in bath and beauty routines. It’s just a matter of making a habit of utilizing them.

Stress relieving tools are all around us, and it is not hard to implement them into the daily routine. Carving out just fifteen minutes a day to relax and let the tension drain is worth the trouble.

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