Water Therapy – The Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach In The Morning

Did You Know…that drinking water in the morning immediately upon waking up can have amazing therapeutic effects for a multitude of health conditions—ranging from pain to asthma to cancer?

Our body is composed mainly of water: 75% – muscles, 90% – brain, 22% – bone and 83% of our blood is water. Understanding this means we must be aware of the importance of consuming water daily for good health and to protect the body from the many diseases that can harm it. Taking advantage of the benefits of drinking a glass of water for our body is something we should do every day, by only consuming 1 glass of water on an empty stomach.

People from Japan have a remarkable habit of drinking water each morning on an empty stomach. And, people accustomed do this even hundreds of years ago, and after the Second World War, it had been revealed in a Japanese newspaper, thus it became widespread again.

According to numerous studies, this simple practice provides positive results regarding different health conditions. it treats menstrual disorders, asthma, headaches, eye diseases, body aches, high cholesterol, constipation, heart issues, accelerated heartbeat, diabetes, epilepsy, meningitis, TB, bronchitis, kidney and urinary tract diseases, diarrhea, vomiting, piles, diseases of the ear, uterus, throat and nose.

Every morning, quickly once you get up, you should drink four (200ml) glasses of water. Then, you’ll be able to brush your teeth; however, you must not consume anything for the following forty-five minutes.

When the forty-five minutes pass, you’ll be able to consume no matter you prefer. But, keep in mind to not drink or eat two hours after a meal. The most effective method is to start out the therapy slowly until you get to four glasses.

This therapy isn’t harming, it doesn’t have any unwanted results, and however, it’s extraordinarily useful. According to people who have practiced the advantages, this therapy will treat inflammation in 10 days.

Also, it will treat increased blood pressure and diabetes in thirty days, as well as constipation in only 10 days.