This Is What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Applying Nail Polish

I am pretty sure that even the most health conscious person in the world is aware of the negative effects of nail polish on the body. According to one study, the most popular brands of nail polish in America contain harmful chemicals.

What are the results of the research?

After analyzing the indications of present chemical toxins in 24 women who took part in the research, experts discovered proof of toxin present in all the women. The reason for all this is nail polish.

Triphenyl phosphate signs were found in all women just 10 hours after using nail polish. This result is very concerning.

The same experts conducted another research in which they analyzed various nail polishes for signs of triphenyl phosphate and they discovered that this chemical was present in 8 of them. Two of the products that were tested, showed presence of this chemical, but did not have this chemical written on the label.

This proves that this harmful chemical is found in about 20% of all the sold nail polishes and it is not always written on the label.

What is triphenyl phosphate?

Triphenyl phosphate can damage the function of the endocrine system in the body which is responsible for regulating the hormones, and that is the biggest problem. TPHP can also negatively affect development, metabolism, reproduction and hormone regulation.

This is especially poses risk for little girls that apply nail polish on a regular basis because it is of a great importance for them to have a healthy hormonal development. Generally it’s dangerous for everybody who applies nail polish. It is considered of being:

• Endocrine Toxin
• Skin irritant and allergen
• Neurotoxin (developmental effects)
• Reproductive Toxin

How do you choose a nail polish that won’t cause damage to your health?

Some nail polish packages and bottles have special markings:

– “5-Free“ means that the product doesn’t contain formaldehyde, its derivative resins (formaldehyde resins), toluene, dibutyl phthalates, or camphor.
– ”3-Free” means that the polish is free of just three of the harmful components: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene.

Before buying nail polish, first and foremost pay attention to the ingredients, and remember — your health is in your hands!