You Should Never Date Someone Who Does These 15 Things

Good relationships don’t just happen. It takes time, patience and two people who really want to be together. Your time is precious and you should never allow someone who is not worthy of it to waste it. Choosing a partner that will fulfill your time with fun and enjoyment is a really important thing in your life.

From my own personal experiences and lessons that I have learned over the years I can tell you there are certain things you should pay attention to:

You should never choose person who does these 15 things:

1. They do not respond properly to questions related to their work or weekend.
It is completely understandable that they have activities in life that don’t include you, but they must be honest and clear about it with you.

2. They keep changing their stories.
if they are tell you different stories about the same thing, for example, their work or day, that means they are not being honest and sincere with you.

3. They always put you down.
Being with someone who is always putting you down in order to feel better about themselves it is not good for you. Make sure you avoid such people regardless of all.

4. They cannot take no for sex.
They see you as a $ex object and thus cannot accept when you sometimes say no for sex.

5. They put all the blame on you.
They destroy your self-esteem by making you feel that all the mistakes in the relationship are because of you.

6. They employ double standards for you.
There is nothing wrong when they want to hang out with their friends, but when you do the same, they start a quarrel.

7. They try to flirt with others.
Remember: Cheating is a choice, not a mistake. He might not cheating you, but flirting with others is sure an potential indication of it.

8. They just like themselves.
Self-centered people will never pay attention to what you say and believe me, you deserve more than that.

9. They hesitate to give you the title.
if they still hesitate to present you as their girlfriend/boyfriend then they are very likely having someone else in their life.

10. They often bring up their ex.
Mentioning their ex is a clear indicator they still haven’t got over him/her, and they cannot love you fully.

11. You are not a priority in their seemingly busy life.
You should never be with a person if you are always an option but never a priority.

12. You do not feel attracted to them.
Do not lie yourself and waiting for things to turn out fine later.

13. They never get anything for you.
Giving presents is a sign of courtesy and if your partner has never ever bought a present then there is something wrong.

14. They abhor spending some meaningful time with your family or friends.
if they constantly criticize your family and avoid spending some time with them, it indicates on a person who is emotionally empty and disrespecting. You don’t need negative people in your surroundings.

15. They start behaving in an awkward way when you ask them to show their phone.
Relationships are about trust. If you have to play detective it’s time to move on.